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New Paintings for Sale    New Paintings for Sale   
New Paintings for Sale    New Paintings for Sale   

The right wall art can transform a house into a home in seconds.  Just one painting can give a plain room elegance, sophistication, and class.  Your home is as unique as you are, and it deserves art that is equally special!  Whatever mood you want to set, Gallery Today can help you achieve it.  We work hard to keep a huge collection of original wall art from a number of famed artists, and a few not-yet-famed ones as well.  We hope you will find what you are looking for in our vast collection.

As tempting as it might be to buy reproductions, it is impossible for anyone to fully recreate the beauty of an original.  Cheap imitations just can't capture the way light catches on the artists' brush strokes.  Original paintings capture a depth of color and feeling that transcends the frame.  Another factor to consider is the long-term value of the art.  The paintings we sell will retain their worth much longer than a reproduction, and some may even appreciate wildly over time.  Some people consider buying original paintings an investment, but most find that the beauty and quality alone make it worth skipping the reproductions.

Gallery Today has been selling unique paintings since July 2003, and we believe our customer service record speaks for itself.  Our mission is simple: connect buyers from all over the world with the signed, original paintings they want to buy.  Online art galleries allow customers from any country to buy paintings at any hour, day or night. You can browse through literally thousands of beautiful paintings for sale without having to leave your couch!  Our website brings you art the way it's supposed to be: without distractions or interruptions.

We have several different types of art for sale.  On GalleryToday, you can easily search original paintings by: Painters, Style, Size, Theme, Medium or Price.  Although trying to categorize some pieces of art into a single category would be doing them a disservice, we use these groups to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.  Each painting is a one-of-a-kind creation.  We do NOT sell any fakes or reproductions. Every single painting showcased on this site was examined and hand-selected by an experienced team of art professionals.  We know how to find incredibly talented artists, whether they're already famous or still waiting for the spotlight to find them.

We've teamed up with CCNow Inc. to provide a safe, secure checkout experience for you. We also accept Paypal, if you'd prefer to use that.  When you shop at Gallery Today, you'll never have to worry about your credit card information escaping into cyberspace.  We also provide free worldwide shipping.  You read that right: we will deliver your painting anywhere on planet Earth, and we will do it for free.  We have served discerning art lovers from many countries, including India, France, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, and of course the USA.

Since we know that some people are hesitant to buy art before they see it in person, we offer a 10 day money-back guarantee.  We think you'll agree that shopping is more fun when you know you can return your painting if you discover that it clashes horribly with the couch it was supposed to match!  We are always happy to assist customers with returns and problems.  If you ever need assistance, even if it's simply finding a specific type of painting, please call our office.  We pride ourselves on our customer service ratings, since we could not exist without our wonderful buyers.

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