List of original paintings signed by artist Mahendra Shewale

Mahendra Shewale is a self-taught artist that lives and works in Nashik, Maharashtra. He has been creating art his whole life, starting when he was a child and carrying him through his career as an art teacher. He now works as a UI Designer, but painting has always followed him through his life and continues on today.  Mahendra Shewale creates landscapes that are realistic by design, each one done on unique mediums spanning from oil paints to watercolor, from acrylic to pencils.

Mahendra Shewale spends much of his time painting both natural and man-made landscapes and cityscapes. His paintings feature a lot of greens and blues in them to stick with the natural way that grass and trees look when sitting among the blue and white cloudy skies as they are prone to do. The natural green colors are perhaps the most present hue in all of his work, putting a focus on the beauty of the world around him. Occasionally, Mahendra Shewale will focus on nature on a smaller scale and put focus on things such as flowers and other still life. When this happens, Mahendra Shewale will often use soft pastels in his work, including pinks, purples and blues, to capture the softness of the natural world. When Mahendra Shewale paints buildings and alley ways, neighborhoods and streets, he seems to use a lot of browns and reds in his work. This seems to reflect a lot of man-made buildings with their brick styles.

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