List of original paintings signed by artist Oleg Kokun

Born in Kylv in the year 1968, Oleg Kokun is a psychologist who paints through his work in the psychological field. He believes that art is something that is able to have an impact on the mental state. Because of this, he puts emotion and feeling into every aspect of his work, hoping to be able to convey to those that view it to help them process their own emotions. Many of his pieces of artwork are all based upon places that he believes to be centers of special energy, which can motivate, invigorate, inspire and mobilize those who are viewing them.

For the reason of capturing natural images or places that are common in the world of humanity, Oleg Kokun paints a lot of natural landscapes and other points of interest. He spends much of his time painting artwork of unique places such as the Baltic Sea, Easter Island, the Faroe Islands, sunny meadows, mountains, trails, lakes and trees. Weather phenomena are also observed, such as lightning shots or wintry landscapes. He also captures cities but does so in a unique way, either by adding a unique spin on the cityscape or by incorporating images that calm down the natural aggression of a city, such as a full moon rising. The colors that he uses in his works are usually natural colors such as sandy browns, earthy greens, sky blues and occasional pastel colors.

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